Chicago Divorce Enforcement Lawyers

Enforcing Agreements & Collecting Support Payments

The attorneys at Kogut & Wilson L.L.C. handle legal cases involving all types of family law issues, including enforcing the terms of your divorce and helping ensure you receive the child support you are entitled to. In the state of Illinois, if the party responsible for paying child support refuses to pay, steps can be taken in order to get the money, including wage garnishing or other issue. Our Chicago divorce attorneys have 20 years of experience and are dedicated to helping clients fight for their rights.

The Process of Enforcing Child Support

There are multiple remedies included when you enact child support enforcement on a non-paying party. These remedies include the suspension of the accused’s driver’s license, the seizure of their state or federal income tax, or incarcerating them.

The process of getting the payment you need includes:

  • Filing a petition to the court requesting enforcement measures
  • The petition must insist to hold the non-paying individual in contempt of court
  • Child support is usually enforced via state courts, but in some cases, it can be enforced federally
  • Our Chicago family lawyers help expedite the case and collect money back from the non-paying party

Turn to Our Firm for the Help You Need

Enforcement issues can be complex which is why our attorneys at Kogut & Wilson L.L.C. will fight for you and your family’s best interests in your enforcement case. We built our practice based on honesty and integrity, and look forward to making you a part of the team. We understand the numerous ways child support can be collected from the non-paying party, and we will help you get the money you are entitled to.

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