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Divorce can often be a contentious process that pits spouses against one another as they try to favorably dissolve their marriage. More and more couples, however, are finding that they are able to approach this process amicably and ready to work with one another. For these couples, a collaborative law approach to their divorce may be ideal.

At Kogut & Wilson, L.L.C., our experienced legal team has navigated countless divorces in the courtroom for our clients, but also recognize the advantages collaborative law offers couples. We’re well-versed and specially trained in handling these procedures, are open to amicable, productive negotiations and are ready to ensure that our clients reap the benefits this legal avenue provides.

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How It Works

In a collaborative divorce, the couple is left to decide the terms of their divorce themselves. That means they work together to determine the distribution of their estate, spousal supportchild custody and so on. Each spouse has their own attorney for this process and each spouse can enlist experts to help them make informed decisions. Before these negotiations take place, all parties commit to the process in writing and all sessions are confidential.

What are the advantages of collaborative divorce?

  • It gives the couple more control over the terms of the divorce.
  • It is less stressful and emotionally taxing.
  • It is significantly cheaper than a courtroom divorce.
  • It offers a more flexible schedule than litigation.
  • It is often less stressful for any children involved.

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