No-Contact Order in Chicago

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A no-contact or restraining order is issued by individuals who have experienced or been threatened by any form of physical abuse. It is important to remember that restraining orders are temporary, but our lawyers are trained to get you as much protection as possible if you seek a restraining order against another party.

In addition to those who seek restraining orders, we can also assist parties served with a no-contact order.

If you have been served with a no-contact order it is important you follow the specifics of the restraining order and contact Kogut & Wilson L.L.C.

Types of Orders

No-contact orders can either be emergency or plenary. Emergency no-contact orders can only last up to 21 days, unless they are increased with a hearing. Plenary no-contact orders can be in effect for up to two years.

Orders can also be based on the type of behavior, including:

  • Sexual Assault Civil No-Contact Order: This no-contact order can be used by anyone who is a victim of non-consensual touching or sexual assault.
  • Stalking No-Contact Order: This order can be granted to any person who believes the behavior of the accused causes them to fear for their own personal safety or that of another individual.

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No matter what situation you are put in, we can help. Our team of Chicago family lawyers has 20 years of experience in family law matters. We take each case seriously and are committed to fighting for your best interests, regardless of the circumstances. Defending or seeking a no-contact order can be difficult without the help of an attorney.

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