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While there are many forms of adoption, private adoption is fairly common and occurs when birth parents wish to be active participants in finding a loving home for their child.

What is Private Adoption?

Private adoption refers to the process in which the birth parent(s) select the adoptive family for their child without the assistance of an agency. This option commonly occurs when the birth parents have a prior relationship with the adoptive family such as a step-parent, second parent or other family member; however, the adoptive parents do not need to be related by blood or marriage to proceed with a private adoption. 

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What are the Requirements for Private Adoption?

The requirements for a private adoption differ depending on whether the potential adoptive parents are related or unrelated to the child.

All adoptive families should expect to undergo and complete:

  • Fingerprinting
  • A review of the Child Abuse Neglect Tracking System (CANTS)
  • Review and inquiry by a court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem

If the potential adoptive family is not related to the birth parents, they may be required to participate in a home study by a licensed agency. A home study can include submitting personal documents, interviews with household members and home visits by a social worker.

As with other types of adoption, the legal parents must either voluntarily consent, waive or surrender their parental rights, or their parental rights must be terminated as part of the adoption proceeding.

Getting Started with Private Adoption

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