High Net Worth Divorce in Chicago

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Divorces are often more complex than a couple initially realizes, but when there are significant assets involved, the process can become many times more complicated. In these cases, it takes diligent, resourceful counsel to help evaluate the wide scope of these marital estates and ensure that financial determinations—like maintenance, property division, and so on—are appropriate and equitable.

The founding attorneys of Kogut & Wilson, L.L.C. have experience working for some of the city’s most elite and well-respected family law firms. As a result, our firm is ready to bring that experience to complex cases such as these and make sure that our clients receive the financial consideration they deserve from the court.

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What Makes These Cases Complex

The principal reason why these high net worth cases become so complex is not only because the sheer volume of assets that need to be evaluated but the variety of them, as well. It can be difficult to determine the value of rare or unique assets or high-value assets that may have been commingled (shared by both spouses) over time.

These cases also involve:

  • Unique assets
  • Business interests
  • Real estate
  • Investments
  • Retirement accounts
  • Offshore accounts
  • Land trusts
  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • Tax considerations

Clients are not expected to be able to evaluate and put forth arguments about these types of assets themselves. At our firm, we regularly work with lifestyle experts, real estate appraisers, business valuators, forensic accountants and other financial experts to ensure that the court has a complete and detailed view of the marital estate in question.

We’re ready to pursue every legal avenue toward you receiving and/or retaining the assets you deserve. Request a consultation today with an experienced Chicago divorce lawyer.