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Grow Your Family with Agency Adoption

Starting or expanding a family through adoption can be an elaborate process that takes a significant amount of financial and emotional effort. While there are many types of adoption, agency adoptions may be the first to come to mind when identifying adoption routes. Agency adoptions involve the adoption of a child or young adult through a licensed United States adoption agency and require the assistance of trusted adoption attorneys to finalize the process.

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What is Agency Adoption?

Agency adoptions occur when children are placed with adoptive parents that have been interviewed and vetted by a public or private agency. Adoption agencies must be licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), the governing body responsible for the placement of children with adoptive families. The agency will perform an extensive review process to ensure the families and children are a right fit for each other while offering guidance and resources.

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Illinois Agency Adoption Requirements

The process of an agency adoption begins with parents filing a Petition for Adoption, which occurs after the completion of the interview process. After filing, the court may grant the adoptive parents with an interim order of custody during the pendency of the case.  Typically, the adoption cannot finalize until the child has lived with the adopting parents for at least six months, however, the adoption process may begin during this time.

In addition, agency adoptions require that:

  • The process take place through a public or private adoption agency licensed through DCFS
  • The legal parents’ parental rights must be terminated by law or willingly relinquished

If only one legal parent waives their rights, a judge must find the other parent unfit before their rights can be terminated.

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