Orders of Protection in Chicago

Trusted Intervention from Our Family Law Attorneys

In cases where there is a threat or allegation of domestic violence, it is absolutely imperative that those at risk seek legal intervention to protect themselves. Conversely, those accused of domestic violence also need to present a clear and compelling argument to court to ensure that a fair decision is handed down by a judge. In either case, these parties need dedicated, experienced counsel to act swiftly and reliably on their behalf.

At Kogut & Wilson, L.L.C. we take these allegations extremely seriously and work diligently for our clients in these instances, no matter what side of the protective order they are on. Accusations of domestic violence can have a significant impact on other legal determinations and it is always advised that the parties involved retain knowledgeable, proactive counsel ready to protect their rights and well-being.

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If You Need an Order of Protection

If you have suffered domestic violence (or believe you are at risk), then it is possible to immediately approach the court for intervention. There are three different types of these orders the court can grant depending on the petitioner’s circumstances.

These different protective orders include:

  • Emergency Order of Protection - these orders can usually be obtained without notifying the other party and last two to three weeks. A future court date will be set so the court can evaluate the couple’s circumstances.
  • Interim Order of Protection - these orders are granted to fill the space between an emergency order of protection and the scheduled court hearing. A judge may be waiting for conditions to be met or for evidence to be obtained before moving on to this final hearing.
  • Plenary Order of Protection - these orders are granted at the conclusion of the final hearing. If the judge feels that the petitioner needs to be protected, they can grant one of these orders for any amount of time up to two years.

Our responsive Chicago family lawyers are ready to help you throughout any stage of your domestic violence issue. We can help you secure emergency and interim orders and, when the time comes, make sure that any need for a plenary order of protection is vividly put forth before the court. Call us today.

If You Are Served an Order of Protection

If you are served an order of protection then it is absolutely advised that you comply with its restrictions. Even if you feel it is unjust or know that it is unwarranted, violating a protective order can result in serious ramifications and hurt your arguments when it comes time for your court hearing.

When protective orders are not warranted, they can be vacated when the individual in question can provide a reasonable argument to the court. When violations occur before that hearing is held, however, the chances of success can dramatically increase.

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