College Contribution Laws in Illinois

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While it may be a surprise to some, under Illinois law, parents who have paid child support may be obligated to pay for the post-high school education of their children, as well. This is true even when the child is over the age of 18 and otherwise emancipated from their parents’ custody. If you are a parent that is suddenly faced with this issue, then it is recommended that you speak to a proven family law attorney.

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“What Do I Have to Pay for?”

Illinois provides a broad scope of different expenses parents can be responsible for if their child pursues an undergraduate degree or another post-high school education program. Essentially every expense that assists the student attending and studying can be covered by these payments.

This means parents can be responsible for helping pay for:

  • Room and board
  • Transportation
  • Books
  • Fees
  • Tuition
  • Application and registration costs
  • Living expenses
  • Health and dental insurance

Of course, these responsibilities are only enforceable within reason. If parents are experiencing significant financial hardship, then that argument can be submitted to a judge for consideration. Our firm can help you explore these options and diligently pursue whatever remedy is the best fit for your family.

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