Illinois Standby Adoption Preparation and Planning

Plan Your Child’s Standby Adoption with Knowledgeable Adoption Attorneys

Planning for events after death or incapacitation can be overwhelming and difficult, especially when considering what will happen with your children. Parents want to ensure their children have the best care and are provided for in the future, even in their absence. Standby adoption presents just one option to ensure your child will be cared for in case of emergencies.

Kogut & Wilson, L.L.C. supports parents in preparing after-life plans through standby adoption while understanding the copious emotions that this process entails. With significant experience in the adoption field, our family law attorneys work to ease the burden on families and provide peace of mind.

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What is Standby Adoption?

Standby adoption allows parents to plan for their child’s future as part of an estate plan or when a parent has a terminal illness. It occurs when a legal parent consents to the appointment of a specified person to adopt their child at a future point in time.

Standby adoptions differ from other forms of adoptions in Illinois in that the legal parents retain their parental rights of the child before the adoption is finalized. As with other types of adoptions, parental rights of all legal parents must be addressed before the adoption can finalize; thus, a standby adoption requires the consent or involuntary termination of all legal parents, not just one.

The standby adoption process involves:

  • The legal parent’s designation of a time for the adoption to be finalized, most commonly after their death or incapacitation
  • The court’s official appointment of the approved person’s adoption of the child
  • Depending on the relationship between the standby adoptive parent and the child, a home study may also be required

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