Post-Divorce Modifications in Chicago

When Life Changes, So Should Your Divorce

When a divorce is finally completed, clients usually feel relief that they were able to weather the process and come out the other side. Unfortunately, for some of these divorced individuals, however, their legal issues have not ended. It’s common for ex-spouses to clash over the terms of their divorce or for the circumstances of one party to change drastically, making compliance with their divorce degree difficult, even impossible.

When these things happen, it’s often possible for the client to re-approach the court with a post-decree issue. At Kogut & Wilson, L.L.C., our firm has more than two decades of combined experience in divorce and family law. We are well-acquainted with the issues and dilemmas clients face in the months, even years following their divorce. We know what it takes to petition the court and compellingly assert our clients’ circumstances to the court.

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Enforcement, Mediation & Modifications

Your post-decree legal remedy will differ based on what particular issue you or your family is facing. One of these issues can occur when the circumstances of one ex-spouse or co-parent suddenly change drastically. This can affect maintenancechild support or child custody. To secure a modification of your divorce terms, a clear and thorough argument must be made before the court.

Legitimate reasons for a modification can include:

  • Remarriage
  • Loss of employment
  • Illness/health issues
  • An increase in income
  • A change in the needs of the child
  • Relocation

It’s also common for ex-spouses to clash over their divorce terms and accuse one another of wrongdoing. Maybe one party is late on maintenance payment. Or a father believes that his child’s mother is misallocating child support money. Whatever the case may be, clients may have one of two options.

One is mediation. If both ex-spouses agree to submit their issue to a trained mediator, they can meet with that mediator (either separately or together) to try and come to a solution.

In more extreme cases, the client may have to re-approach the court and ask for a post-judgment enforcement. This usually happens when one party fails to keep up with maintenance or child support payments. When this happens, the court can levy punishments against the offending party, including fines and wage garnishment.

How We Can Help

If you are experiencing an urgent post-divorce issue, our team is ready to hear from you. A Chicago divorce attorney from our firm can help you review which option best meets your needs and, if necessary, begin swiftly and effectively pursuing a remedy on your behalf.

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