Chicago Adult Adoption Attorneys

Adopting an Adult with Experienced Counsel

When thinking of adoption, many individuals may envision adopting a child, however, that is not always the only option. Illinois permits the adoption of adults for various reasons with different requirements than other forms of adoption. Whatever the case may be, adult adoption can provide options for those who are seeking additional care or are looking for specific legal resources.

With significant experience in adoption cases, Kogut & Wilson, L.L.C. works to bring families together, understanding that each adoption looks different depending on unique circumstances and needs. Our team of trusted family law attorneys assist clients in navigating the adoption options that ensure your nearest and dearest are in the right hands.

Adult Adoption Requirements

Adult adoption officially terminates the legal relationship between the adult and the prior legal parents and establishes a new legal relationship between the adult and the adoptive parents.

In the state of Illinois, adult adoption can occur if:

  1. The adoptive adult consents to the adoption or,
  2. A Guardian ad Litem consents on the adult’s behalf if unable to due to incapacity.

For adult adoptions to take place, the adult must be either related to the adoptive parents or have lived under their care in the home for at least two consecutive years.

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Reasons for Adult Adoption

Adult adoptions can occur for various reasons including:

  • Long-term care for the adult due to physical or mental incapacitation
  • Re-establishing the legal relationship between the adult and a legal parent whose rights have been previously terminated
  • Formalizing any existing relationships between the adult with a non-relative family member

Once the adoption is finalized, the adult will be issued a new birth certificate that includes the adoptive parents. Additionally, the adult may choose to change their given name to reflect the name of their adopted parents.

Starting the Process of Adult Adoption

Adult adoption is a significant undertaking with a variety of things to consider along the way. Kogut & Wilson, L.L.C has the experience, knowledge and passion to support every decision, question and strategy in each step of the adoption process.

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