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When couples hit an uncertain time in their marriage, it’s natural for them to part ways. However, not all couples are comfortable with the finality of a divorce. Instead, many of them opt for a legal separation—which provides the same legal partitioning between spouses that divorce offers but retains the marriage itself.

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Separation vs. Divorce

There is a popular misunderstanding that married couples who have decided to live in separate residences are “legally separated.” This is not the case. Legal separations can only be granted by the court and must address almost every aspect of marriage that a divorce does. Property divisionspousal supportchild custody and support—these are all matters that must be confronted and resolved for a legal separation to be completed and legitimate.

Why do people file for legal separation instead of divorce?

  • To retain the option of reconciliation
  • To maintain health insurance
  • For religious reasons
  • Because they have no desire to remarry

Why is legal separation highly advised instead of simply living apart from your spouse? Because living apart does not severe the shared responsibility and burdens between married individuals. For instance, living apart does not protect you from the debt your spouse incurs while you live apart. That debt would be considered part of the marital estate and, in the event of a later divorce or financial issue, you would have to share it.

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