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Alternative Divorce Options from Experienced Lawyers

More and more, couples are looking for divorce solutions that are cheaper and less contentious than the typical courtroom divorce. For some couples, this means working together on a collaborative law approach. For couples who feel that they can come to an agreement on most issues as they dissolve their marriage but are looking for a more structured format for their divorce, mediation may be the best option.

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How Mediation Works

In mediation, both spouses work with a trained mediator who acts as a neutral party as they work to agree on the terms of their divorce. This is sometimes done with the spouses meeting with the mediator together but often occurs with both spouses meeting with the mediator individually, as well. The mediator is there to structure the negotiations, provide clarity and help resolve disputes (if they should occur).

In this format, it is highly advised that both spouses maintain their own counsel, as well. Attorneys can help ensure that the negotiations are thorough and that each spouse’s best interests are voiced and addressed throughout the mediation process.

Why is mediation a popular divorce option?

  • It is far less expensive and demanding than litigation.
  • It does not pit spouses against one another and produces less animosity.
  • It is often less stressful for the couple’s children.
  • It gives the couple more control over the terms of their divorce.
  • It provides a more flexible schedule than litigation.

“What If We Can’t Agree?”

One of the advantageous aspects of mediation is that, if there is not an agreement between spouses on 100% of the divorce terms, the terms that they do agree on can be still submitted to the court for approval. It is then up to each spouse’s attorneys to approach the court about the contested terms, submit arguments, and secure a reasonable solution.

Our Chicago divorce attorneys are well-versed in all the stages of the mediation process and are ready to assist clients who are looking for a faster, more amicable way to dissolve their marriage. We welcome the opportunity to work with mediators and other participating counselors to ensure that this process is completed favorably and efficiently as possible.

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