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Whether starting fresh or building onto a forever family, adoption is an exciting experience with life-changing outcomes. Depending on the circumstance, the process varies greatly, eliciting potential challenges for families navigating the specific requirements and potential restrictions. 

As a significant event for both adoptive and birth families, adoption cases necessitate proven and compassionate counsel to seamlessly guide families through their newfound legal obligations and address any outstanding concerns. 

Kogut & Wilson, L.L.C. family law attorneys understand adoption looks different for each family and welcome the individual factors that make each case unique. With an established history of achieving successful adoption results, our team takes pride in delivering the attention and individualized care adoption cases deserve. 

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How Adoptions Work

Adoption is the process of becoming the permanent and legal parent of a child. In 2005, Illinois passed the Illinois Adoption Act which expands on the varying adoption restrictions and regulates all adoptions in the state. At the minimum, it requires that individuals looking to adopt must be adults without a legal disability, Illinois residents for a minimum of six months and able to submit and pass a background check. 

Additionally, the Act does not discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity, and members of the LGBTQ+ community may petition to adopt under the same guidelines. The length and cost of the adoption process differs as well depending on the type of adoption and underlying circumstances. 

Common types of adoption in Illinois include:

  • Private Adoption
  • Agency Adoption
  • International Adoption
  • Adoption of an Adult
  • Standby Adoption
  • Foster Adoption

While the Illinois Adoption Act outlines the restrictions and purposes for adoption, they do not serve as an exhaustive list of additional considerations. Individuals looking to adopt should speak with an experienced Illinois adoption attorney to determine what the adoption process will look like.

Above all, the adoptive child’s best interests remain the top priority for a successful adoption to take place. Our attorneys assist adoptive parents in navigating the proceedings while keeping the child’s well-being front and center.

Not sure where to start? Our dedicated team of Chicago adoption attorneys meet clients wherever they stand in the adoption process to work toward a successful outcome for all involved. Contact us today to learn more about adoption in Illinois.