School and COVID: What is the Right Choice for Your Family?

There is no right or wrong answer when deciding whether your children should attend school in-person full time, under a hybrid model or 100% remotely. Every family has to make a choice based on the best interests of their children and loved ones.   

In families that are separated or divorced, this decision becomes even more difficult. In many situations, one parent has the majority of parenting time. With remote or hybrid learning, this places not only the vast majority of responsibility on that parent to facilitate e-learning, but in many circumstances, also the need for daytime childcare when schoolwork has been completed. For working parents or parents with multiple children, it can be nearly impossible to do this while also meeting work and job responsibilities and the family obligations of running a household.   

A vast majority of Parenting Agreements did not plan for these circumstances. How could they? In an ideal situation, both parents would band together to work out a solution to these problems. In reality, that is rarely the case.  

However, there are possible solutions. This can include temporarily modifying a parenting time schedule or increasing financial contributions to assist with tutors or childcare to help expand the job of raising children to both parents.  

These issues need to be addressed now and quickly as it is important that families approach problems before it becomes an absolute necessity. Our attorneys can help craft creative solutions for families that enable all to move forward and through this together.  


Need Help Through This Tough Time?