Sabrina Karakaya to Serve as a Trainer for Mutual Ground

After many years as a domestic violence survivor advocate, Kogut & Wilson’s Sabrina Karakaya will continue to support those affected as a Trainer for Mutual Ground, a counseling, advocacy and education shelter for individuals and families experiencing domestic violence.

Sabrina will host presentations, discussions and panels on various topics related to domestic violence including:

  • Domestic and sexual violence basics
  • Impact of trauma on children
  • Recognizing signs of abuse and mandated reporting
  • Trauma and trauma-informed care
  • Trauma-informed practice for legal professionals
  • And more

Mutual Ground aims to empower those who have been affected by domestic and sexual violence and the harms of substance abuse through the education and awareness services they provide.

Since 2012, Sabrina has worked to provide a voice for those affected by domestic violence. Her experience with Mutual Ground began in 2015, where she served as a Victim Advocate within the emergency shelter. Since then, she’s been certified in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Training, Partner Abuse Intervention Program Facilitator training and is licensed by the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence as an Illinois domestic violence professional.


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