Navigating Holiday Parenting Time During COVID-19

With the holiday season fast approaching, COVID-19 hangs over our traditions, creating uncertainty about what celebrations will look like. Although the state and local guidelines are clear, people are divided about the best way to celebrate in the upcoming colder months. Add in the complex component of holiday parenting time for families with two households, and the groundwork for conflict is laid.

So how can families avoid a total blow up over turkey and tinsel plans?

Talk It Through

Parents should plan a time to connect regarding celebration arrangements, a conversation which is best had well-ahead of the holiday in question. If parents have divergent opinions, parents should dig into the difference and identify measures that make everyone feel more comfortable with the plan.

For example, if one parent intends to gather with family from other households, should each individual be tested in advance of the gathering? Are the households socially isolating in advance to ensure they can celebrate together? If not, would the family be willing to implement a plan to ensure everyone’s safety?

Understanding the parameters of plans may make each party more comfortable with the arrangements and lead to compromise.

Understand the Restrictions

Guidelines and restrictions vary by locality. For example, Illinois currently does not have restrictions on resident travel to surrounding states, but Chicago has implemented a mandatory fourteen-day quarantine for those traveling from designated hot-spot regions.

Understanding the limitations put in place by localities can help drive the holiday conversation. Where the holiday arrangements conflict with state and local mandates, it is best to formulate a new and compliant holiday plan.

Follow the Advice of Your State and Local Officials

For more information on local, state and national COVID-19 restrictions and guidance, please visit:

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