Child Support for High School Seniors During COVID-19

Do you have a graduating high school senior? Between Zoom graduation ceremonies and drive-by graduation parties, it’s important to reach out to your attorney to discuss modifying child support to cover college costs.

Child support doesn’t necessarily end once a child turns 18. A judge can order both parents to contribute to a child’s college expenses and looks to the factors found in the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act to help make this decision.

These factors include:

  1. (1) The present and future financial resources of both parties to meet their needs (including retirement savings);
  2. (2) The standard of living the child would have received if the marriage had not been dissolved;
  3. (3) The financial resources of the child; and
  4. (4) The child’s academic performance.

This support is not absolute and is subject to several conditions. As a parent, you are not obligated to contribute to your student’s college expenses if he fails to maintain a “C” grade point average. Additionally, parents are only required to contribute to college expenses prior to the child’s 23rd birthday. Contribution may continue by agreement of both parties or if good cause is shown, but parents are no longer responsible for expenses after the child turns 25.

Are you concerned about college expenses as a divorced parent? Read more about college expenses in The Old College Try: How Much Will Your Ex Contribute to Your Child’s Tuition? and Contribution to College Expenses as well as reach out to Kogut & Wilson to ensure college is one less thing to worry about during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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