Cailee J. Alderman Expands Service in Family Law Following Mediation Certification

To better service clients and build on her commitment of providing solutions for clients compassionately and effectively, Cailee J. Alderman has earned a mediation skills certification from Northwestern University.

Cailee will use this certification to facilitate productive conversations between co-parents, spouses and children. Her responsibilities as a mediator include:

  • Maintaining impartiality
  • Identifying issues and providing possible solutions
  • Representing, exploring and clarifying the parties’ respective interests and priorities

Mediation can be used as a cost-effective and timely alternative to divorce litigation for child custody, child support, allocation of assets and other family law disputes.

If you are interested in exploring this service, contact Cailee today.

Cailee J. Alderman represents clients in all aspects of family and matrimonial law, with a focus on divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, guardianship and special immigrant juvenile status. She is a long-serving advocate for children and families involved in life’s difficult phases. As such, she understands family law cases require compassion and commitment and is determined to provide solutions that work for each individual case.


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