Sharing is Caring: Determining Parenting Time During the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner promising a wave of excitement for the new year and a packed schedule with family and friends. While the holidays may be a chance to sit back and relax for some, they can be overwhelming for families working through the processes of divorce and parenting agreements.

As that time of year inches closer, Kogut & Wilson attorneys are dedicated to helping families navigate the complex decisions it can elicit. Here are a few important considerations when determining parenting time throughout the holiday season.

Communicate in Advance

While going through a divorce, one of the most important aspects of navigating holiday parenting time is to communicate with an ex-spouse as early as possible. Waiting until the last minute to determine plans often results in greater conflict and possibly a trip to the courthouse.

Planning a time to meet regarding arrangements well-ahead of the holiday offers parents a chance to openly express their thoughts and concerns while ensuring there is still enough time allotted to reach an agreement.

It is also necessary to refer to the allocation judgment, reviewing items such as school breaks and the years for which each parent has designated parenting time on a specified holiday.

Find Common Ground

Should conflicts arise while communicating with an ex-spouse, it is important to put feelings aside and focus on what matters most – the child’s best interests.

If there is a difference in opinion regarding holiday parenting time, parents should work together out of the courtroom to address concerns and develop a plan that makes all parties feel comfortable with the final decision.

Coming to an agreement outside of court will not only prevent an abundance of stress and waste of resources, but it will also ease the child’s transition to spending the holidays with only one parent present.

Keep COVID-19 in Mind

Although a sense of normalcy has seemed to return for this year’s holiday season, the pandemic continues and restrictions are constantly changing. While determining holiday plans, keep updated on state and local advice for travel and gathering restrictions, and communicate concerns openly with an ex-spouse to assure that the child’s safety remains at the forefront of the conversation.

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