Preserving Relationships Post-Divorce

Divorce is a life-altering event that brings along significant changes. Seemingly overnight relationships are changed forever, but those relationships do not have to end: ex-spouses can remain friends and all parties can preserve their relationship with their children. Here’s how.

Become Friends

While the marriage has ended, it is not impossible for ex-spouses to form a new kind of relationship, though this will likely not happen overnight.

Parties need time to regain trust in one another, and it is important that everyone has time to heal and process the divorce.

Maintaining civility and open communication with one another is the first step to repairing the relationship. Both parties should be honest about their feelings toward the situation, and when they are ready, a newfound friendship is wholly possible.  

Be Civil

If ex-spouses share children, it is more than likely they will have to regularly communicate with each other. When in the presence of the children, it is crucial for both parents to remain cordial and refrain from speaking negatively of their former spouse. Negative comments not only affect spouses but can also alter the overall relationship between parents and children.

Maintain Open Communication with Children

Many children are deeply affected by their parents’ divorce as it is an extremely emotional process for all parties involved, especially children. It is no surprise that sometimes divorce causes a strain on parent-child relationships.

The most important thing parents can do to preserve their relationship with their child is keep an open dialogue. Children need to know both of their parents are there and support them to maintain a healthy and positive relationship.

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