ISBA Standing Committee on Legislation Appoints Bryan J. Wilson for Third Consecutive Year

Kogut & Wilson is proud to announce Bryan J. Wilson has been appointed to the Illinois State Bar Association Standing Committee on Legislation as a member for 2021 – 2022.

This is the third consecutive year that Bryan has been appointed. He continuously tends to the committee and serves its 29,000+ members by assisting with committee-produced CLE programs, contributing to regular meetings and committee work-product and helping in subcommittees where needed.

Bryan will continue to address issues affecting the legal profession and the administering of justice in Illinois.

The Standing Committee on Legislation is responsible for the execution of the ISBA legislative program, and for nearly 40 years has proposed the rules and regulations that govern the Illinois State Bar.

Founded in 1877, the ISBA is the premier legal association in the state with over 28,000 voluntary members. The association’s primary focus is to assist Illinois lawyers in the practice of law and to promote improvements in the administration of justice. The ISBA proposes and shapes legislation, educates the public and supports the courts and the rule of law.


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