Divorced Parents Moving During COVID-19

Has COVID-19 caused a change in your housing circumstances? Considering a move to avoid the condensed urban environment? Before finalizing any plans, divorced parents need to consider the specific provisions in their parenting agreement that deal with moving or relocation.

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act outlines that if the primary custodial parent wishes to relocate, he or she must give the other parent at least 60 days written notice if the move is more than 25 miles from the current residence. If both parties are in agreement, an order memorializing the move is then created and filed with the court.

What happens if the parties don’t agree on relocation? A petition must be filed with the court seeking permission to move, so be sure to contact your attorney as soon as the disagreement is uncovered. Read more about the specifics behind legal relocation and removal here and contact Kogut & Wilson if you’re considering moving due to the impact of COVID-19.


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