Adult Adoption in Illinois

Unique circumstances and needs make each adoption different. In some cases, adult adoption might be the most viable option to bring a family together. This process has slightly different requirements and results than other adoption cases. The state of Illinois allows adult adoption for a variety of reasons, including extra care provisions, the formal establishment of existing relationships and more.

What is Adult Adoption?

Adult adoption establishes a new legal relationship between the adult in question and the adoptive parent or parents. This process also officially terminates the legal parental relationship between the adult and their previous legal parent or parents.

Criteria for adult adoptions in Illinois require that the adult must either:

  • Be related to the adoptive parents
  • Have lived under the care of the adoptive parents for two or more consecutive years

Consent for the adoption is given by the adult or a Guardian ad Litem on behalf of the adult in cases of incapacitation.

The adult will be issued a new birth certificate that states the names of the adoptive parents upon finalization of the adoption. If they so choose, the adult may also change their legal name .

When is Adult Adoption Necessary?

Adult adoption can open new avenues for those pursuing additional care options, legal resources associated with adoption or a legal parental relationship.

Reasons for adult adoptions might include:

  • The adult needs long-term care due to physical or mental incapacitation
  • The re-establishment of a previously terminated legal relationship between the adult and a former legal parent
  • The formalization of an existing relationship between the adult and a non-relative family member

For those considering adult adoption, it is important to have a team of trusted, experienced attorneys by your side to offer support and resources. Kogut & Wilson attorneys can assist with any adoption-related questions and provide guidance through the adult adoption process.


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