Monthly Archives: June 2021

  • Travel Disagreements Between Parents

    Now that the world is slowly reopening, many people are doing what they have missed out on for the last year: traveling. However, potential disagreements may arise among divorced families with regards to travel plans and time. What should parents do when they disagree with their co-parent over travel plans?

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  • What to do When Parents Disagree About Vaccinations?

    With the COVID-19 vaccine approved for children 12 years and older, many parents are facing the decision of whether they should vaccinate their child. The decision can be even more complicated for co-parents who have differing opinions.

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  • Bryan Wilson and Eva Kogut Discuss the Intersection of Therapy and Family Law

    Bryan Wilson and Eva Kogut recently held a discussion and Q+A hosted by Chicago Minds where they covered topics that often overlap the work of attorneys and mental health professionals.

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